Over the past couple of years I have started swinging the old metal a bit, and seem to actually be quite liking it.  Its a pretty amazing way to spend an afternoon, and courses seem to be built in some pretty epic locations.Its a weird sport, because no matter how much it is a physicalRead more

Penkan Snowboarding

So Ethan Morgan, Jamie Nicholls, Kevin Backstrom, Peetu and young Mr Rowan Coultas all were in the park a couple days this winter, so I filmed, Ethan edited, and this is what came out. Take a look world [vimeo][/vimeo] TweetRead more

The Chosen Black and White

Yesterday, well the last few days the weather has turned kinda crappy here, and so its been a limited amount to do.  Being the motivated bunch though, we sent some of the crew up the hill. These two blokes were making it happen up the hill, and getting the riders motivated. So I thought sinceRead more

Euro X Games

So then, we have been here in Tignes this week.  It doesnt stop for anything. So better kick off with some pictures. Shaun White is here with a front 5 taipan thing. Riding good. Nico is here to pick up some cheques tonight.  Wonder what place on that podium here will be.  I’m banking onRead more

Burton European Open

Sending it to the moon and back.  That might be an over used expression, but very apt for this years BEO, because it was all about Space.  So here we go with a little write up on the annual shred fest that is BEO in Laax.  I was hosting again, and it has to beRead more

World Snowboard Champs 2.0

So its been looooong days here, on the hil at 9 down at 9 but its good, there has been some amazing snowboarding going down, so its all worthwhile. This is probably the best shot from last night, with Jack Mitrani throwing it up there.  Alley Oop. This is how stoked you are getting theRead more

Air and Style Innsbruck 2012

Fancy Dropping in on that thing? So to start the blog today, I wont be apologizing for a week of no updates, but for anyone who knows anything about the world of snowboarding, we are coming out of two of the busiest weeks in the calendar.  X Games, ISPO, Air and Style are all linedRead more

Lobster – Before, During and After

So this week Halldor got back from the Big Bang in the UK.  So with Sun forecast, we headed straight up to Tux again to get on it again.  All looks good.  Semels and smiles on the way up, well kind of smiling….. Then this went down. That slam, which was supposed to be aRead more

Nike Euroland

Bikes.  Every dutch post is including bikes.  Millions of the two wheelers. We had the end of year presentation this week at the Nike European Headquarters.  We had a good few of the team down for it, answering questions, meeting the staff, skating, shopping and playing a pretty serious golf game. Mr Helgason himself droppedRead more


Peetu on his way to winning the Air&Style Munich with a heavy cold and no training. The boy is unreal. Photo: Frode Sandbech/Nike 6.0 Jon Weaver returns with another installment of his always thought-provoking column, Gossip from the GoodLife, with the question: What does it take to be a pro snowboarder? WHAT IS A PRO?Read more

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