Nike Chosen Sessions

So i guess you all want the inside scoop on the Nike Chosen Sessions.  Well I did my very best to get some shots of the park for you.  This is what I found. This Moustache is happening. This hair is being worked on. His hair is being worked on.  and his suntan.  Olive oilRead more

X Games Megapost

Gjermund Braaten, Front 10 Double. So Saturday Night at X Games just went down, and that meant slopestyle finals.  Gjermund, Peetu and Sage all made it through and all 3 had amazing runs.  Some how the judges didnt see Gjermunds run of switch back 10, cab 9 double, back 10, front 10 double as anythingRead more

Hinterux – The Good, The Great, The Beautiful

After last weeks post about all things snowboarding in Hintertux, I thought it about time to redress the balance.  We have had a couple of good weather days, with the park in good condition. Well done to the shapers up there who have been getting after it, making sure the jumps have been working fine.Read more


So the world and his wife have made their way up to Hintertux it seems now.  Makes for some good times, some good snowboarding, and a lot of football in the evenings.  We have our whole team here, just waiting on Halldor to drop in and then I will have the full deck of cards,Read more

Oslo Autumn

I am always amazed at how a city and its surroundings can look so beautiful in any season.  Oslo seems to tick the box each time, especially in Autumn with the leaves changing colour. This is the view from just above Holmkollen station where the Ski Jump is.  Serious business going down there in winter.Read more

Vapen Sessions Part 1

So the spring shoot this year went down in Stranda, Norway, this is how it came out, first in a 3 part little series from the trip up there.  Loooong days, but good times. Nike Vapen Session Episode 1 from Nike 6.0 on Vimeo. TweetRead more

A couple of pictures for Terneuzen

I had a request for a couple more pictures from the guys in Terneuzen especially Dave Krijgsman who wanted this shot of him, his boys and Halldor. I know this badboy wanted this picture with Silje… This guy got his dad to stop painting his house to drive 2 hours to come and shred withRead more

Indoor Tour Terneuzen and Ghent

This weekend, after the meeting at Nike, we took the team on the road for a few days, for some indoor riding, in Terneuzen, Komen and Laandgraf.  That meant a whole heap of driving, snowboarding, skateboarding, some more driving, and good times.  We stayed in Ghent for a couple of days which is were someRead more

Nike Euroland

Bikes.  Every dutch post is including bikes.  Millions of the two wheelers. We had the end of year presentation this week at the Nike European Headquarters.  We had a good few of the team down for it, answering questions, meeting the staff, skating, shopping and playing a pretty serious golf game. Mr Helgason himself droppedRead more

A bit of this and that

So on the back of a busy week, and limited access here, here are just a few bits and bobs to keep a Sunday morning easy. Had to visit the office in Holland, to catch up with this guy with a fashion haircut, always good times with him. Had a quick look at some history,Read more

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