San Seb

This is a perfect example of how a day in San Sebastian goes.  Some wine and Tapas in a backstreet in the old town. I can eat this all day long. This is also what I love about Europe.  No need to have a fancy seat, just a beer and sit on the street withRead more


That right there is the outside of the Guggenheim Museum down in Bilbao.  Had to go down to Spain one afternoon, so wandered around and found this place, unfortunately though, it was shut on our day of visit.  Nice to see in the middle of tourist times that they shut. The Guggenheim has this bigRead more

San Sebastian

For a little bit of Friday evening entertainment we decided on heading to Spain for some Tapas and drinks.  That is the beauty of Europe that you can just jump in your car and drive half an hour and you can be in a completely different country.  Love it. For some insight into San Sebastian,Read more