Costa Rica Part 2

The new annual spring break ritual surf trip was kicked off this week with the inaugural members representing Austria, Belgium and the UK.  Costa Rica is a place I have wanted to go for a while but this was the first trip we’d managed down here. Nothing like an empty beach for a Belgium guy.Read more

The Costa Rica Movie

[vimeo][/vimeo] I really enjoy making these videos as a great way to remember a trip.  This one has been a blast!  Enjoy! TweetRead more

Christmas in California

Spending Christmas, in the sun for someone from the UK which does a fine line of murky cold weather through the winter, escaping for some sun is quite surreal.  Once you realize that its not the traditional christmas though, its amazing as you realize you will be getting some sun, a break from the rainRead more


Yes Ventura does some amazing sunsets…. We took this using Mareikes new camera a Panasonic Lumix.  Great camera. This too.  Pretty synonymous with Ventura this sky and these trees. Having visited Ventura before, i was looking forward to this part of the trip a lot.  Ventura has a few elements where you would think youRead more

Our House, in the Middle of our Street, PC 2016 edition

Thats a good looking crew right there.  Men, women, children, dogs, beanies, some shoes and no plaid some how.  This was the crew we celebrated Colleens birthday with, at her 4th, 29th birthday.  Minus Maggie and Sade. Great looking guy. And maggie of course. We were lucky enough to be blessed with rainbows, double rainbowsRead more

Best Oregon Surfing Ever

I know.  I only seem to post about the coast these days, but honestly, its so damn beautiful, it makes it very hard not too.  This photo above, last sunday night was pretty fun.  Sani paddled in, and I decided on trying to surf the newly crowned Europeak, and quickly realized its pretty much justRead more

Torrey Pines

I feel like we’ve been to quite a few spots in California but today was the first time we’d been to Torey Pines nature reserve.  Just south of the Cardiff reef as above, it is damn beautiful. It resembles part desert, part beach, part hike, its such a great spot for a quick hike andRead more

Seignosse 2015

  This Summer we ended up booking a trip to Europe for the infamous Atlantic Cup, a great tournament of great snowboarders who also are average football players, but it was cancelled this summer, so we were left to enjoy the South West of France, for all its wonder.  Above, Stype, Max and Vicky enjoyingRead more

Beach Boys

I know.  Another post about the coast here in Oregon.  But honestly with sunsets like this what else can you expect?  It was mid 80s on the beach this weekend and some serious swell pushing through too. When you drive to the coast this is the view on the way.  Pretty amazing, I think thisRead more

Beach Weekend

  Last weekend, was the birthday of Eric Wallis, so we all went to the beach for the weekend.  We stayed down in manzanita, and surfed in short sands for two great days.  Pretty much blows me away every time I go down there. Along with my picnic partner we have been stepping up ourRead more

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