Guanos 2018

This weekend, we got so lucky.  Great waves, offshore wind and no one really out since its Guanos…. [vimeo][/vimeo] TweetRead more

Rat Race 2018

In the 6 (yes time flies), yes 6 years since we have lived here, somehow we have always been away for the Drink Water Rat Race.  This year with scheduled Europe trip coming later in the year, I was keen on getting up to ride in what is quickly becoming one of the PNW mostRead more

Go Pro Mexico

Besides Drones, cameras and everything else I also filmed with the GoPro for one morning…. Still got a way to go with my surfing but here it is! [vimeo][/vimeo] TweetRead more

Mexico Surfing

I thought it about time to post some photos of the actual surfing in Mexico.  Right out front of the house, you had two waves a right and a left. Couple waves for days. Under the watchful eye of Lenny. Joe trying to find some shade from the Club Med balcony. Of course you alwaysRead more

Mexico – K38, Puerto Neuvo

On our California trip we decided to take a extra trip down to Mexico to Baja for a few days of surf, sun, Lobster, shopping and good times. We were down at K38 just about half an hour past the border.  Theres so many spots to surf, places to eat all along the beach roadRead more


Surfing is fun.  Traveling to surf is probably more fun.  I often wonder what Surfing would be like if I lived at the beach.  Without the need to travel, drive, fly, organize to get somewhere to surf, would it have the same joy that it it does right now for me, almost as an escape?Read more

Costa Rica Part 2

The new annual spring break ritual surf trip was kicked off this week with the inaugural members representing Austria, Belgium and the UK.  Costa Rica is a place I have wanted to go for a while but this was the first trip we’d managed down here. Nothing like an empty beach for a Belgium guy.Read more

Costa Rica!

With spring break approaching, last minute the call went out for a couple of good souls for a trip down south and so with a few last minute arrangements we managed to get the best Austrian, Belgium and the UK could pull together and what your left with is some average sun burnt surfers. HavingRead more


Ah Cote Des Basques.  This was probably one of the first places I ever thought “i had surfing”.  I remembered being dragged about in all kinds of current, but that it was fun and I actually managed to catch a couple waves.  For the end of our trip we headed down here for a fewRead more

France 2016

Nothing sums up France better than sun, a cheeky weak beer on the beach and a naked fella getting a stroll in.  Sani just soaking it up. An evening on the grill and the terrace after a beach day pretty much sums up France pretty well too.  Stype, Sarah, Lucy, Koen, Spencer, Mareike, me, SaniRead more

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