This weekend, I was lucky enough to travel back to a part of the world where I have some amazing memories from trips through the years.  Its a beautiful place, and always a highlight if you get to travel there. I have been up near the Matterhorn before on a roadtrip with Tom back inRead more

The Atlantic Cup

This week saw the Atlantic Cup go down in Anglet, France, with teams from across the world.  We made up a Great Britain team, with some legends on the pitch for us including James Stentiford, Marcus Chapman, Adam Gendle and the Greg the rock Martin at the back alongside me.  With Ed and Alex LeighRead more

Freestyle.ch Uberpost

The annual season kick off that is Freestyle.ch went down this weekend.  Here is a quick round up from the Landiweise, down in Zurich, What better way to kick things off than the view from the drop in.  Nice weekend of weather in Switzerland. The weekend belonged to this guy, Halldor, who was running theRead more

The week in pictures

So this week, has been a mixture of hospital visits, get well soon Jan and Ethan, and then trips to Switzerland. Pretty hyped on taking the train nowadays, met a woman who used to do my job for squash players on the train. Found Switzerland has some good flowers…. Mums WI would like a bitRead more

Dream Team

So we just rolled back in from Freestyle.ch which was a pretty succesful weekend for the crew.This shows whats up…. Gjermund is the boss and won the event with the cleanest b12 double you ever saw, Peetu came 3rd by running the place and Kevin, well Kevin pretty much just hustled ladies.  Ethan had someRead more

Hipstamatic – A day in Montreaux

I just got this for the iphone, and spent the day hanging round Montreaux, and took a few pics. Enjoy Kevin Backstrom.  Tom West “damn i would buy that kids lift ticket to watch him ride the Mayrhofen park” Peter Lundstrom, talented lens men, plus interesting blog writer, and victim of dog crime.  check hisRead more