We Are Premier League

After watching Swansea infront of crowds of 2000 and nearly going out of business today was a very proud day as we are in the Premier League! I have a load of pictures but I need a lie down after today and a couple of whiskys, but this are knocked off some other site. JackRead more


Very limited internet here, so just two pictures, and more to come next week….   TweetRead more

Helgasons.com the real deal in Mayrhofen

Johannes from Helgasons rented out a heli for Mayrhofen yesterday, amazing stuff….Check the knuckle dragger Halldor, Ehtan, Sage and Jamie Heli shoot in Mayrhofen from www.helgasons.com on Vimeo. TweetRead more

The Good Life is back

So that was a busy busy couple of weeks, just got back home now, after Stuttgart, Davos and Laax and super happy with how it went for the crew. The machine Peetu was on fire winning pipe and 2nd place in pipe This homeboy, rode good, and got up to all kinds of mischief lastRead more

Slopestyle Finals

Today we were greeted by blue bird skies! Slopestyle was on, and our crew was killing it. This lady came 4th! Congrats Silje!!!Then this guy rolled into 2nd place in Slopestyle charging all day! Then Ethan dropped in with a pretty creative run including switch back rodeo, back rodeo 9 and cab 10! Banging! TheRead more


Had some crazy weather here this week.., Also had it pretty good for the team, Silje qualified 3rd in Slopestyle There is also an insane run to the mid station with jumps, rails, boxes and Bonks all the way down.. This guy has been killing it, mr ilmo was even dropping underflips. The boss mrRead more


This time of year can mean only one thing-European open, one of the worlds best contests, amazing Slopestyle and a banging pipe. We have the dreamteam here jar a couple of spots missing at the dinner table for Peetu and Jamie who are out taking care of business We also have the big guy takingRead more

Stuttgart Big Air

So today we hoped in the new whip and headed for Stuttgart, for the Relentless Big Air, they have a pretty good set up with jump, rails and a good bunch of riders… Being a German, Ethan is in high demand here… This is a little video I made from today of him and Jesse….Read more

New years en France

After many years in cold mountain towns ringing in the new year it was about time for a change and so celebrated with good wine amazing food thanks to the ladies and great people. There was about 9 dishes on the table, 3 different wines from the place down the street and 2 amazing cakesRead more

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